The Vine with a Soul

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Microdosing with the spirit
of Ayahuasca


For those seeking plant medicine, I'm able to provide you with 10ml of Banisteriopsis Caapi extract (the legal part of Ayahuasca known as the ‘vine with a soul’) for therapeutic micro dosing purposes. As part of this, you will receive:  

- A 90 minute initiation ceremony to set therapeutic goals and have a reiki healing energy attunement to prepare you for your microdosing journey.  (£55)

  Plus a 10 ml bottle/ 200 drops of B. Caapi plant extract.
(3 drops per day for 5 days a week over 3 months.)  (£25)

- (Optional) £55 per full therapy session thereafter to help integrate your plant extract experience in person
(with or without creative therapy).
Or £25 for 30 min check ups over the phone. 

Contact me on 07986460011
to arrange your initiation ceremony. 


. What is Banisteriopsis Caapi?

Banisteriopsis Caapi is a large tropical vine which grows in South America. It's known among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest as 'the vine with a soul', a sacred plant teacher and is believed to hold the spirit of Ayahuasca within it. The major components in Banisteriopsis caapi are B-carboline alkaloids (such as Harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmin), which are alkaloids with MAOI type properties. Banisteriopsis caapi is also rich in antioxidants, proanthocyanidins, epicatechin and procyanidin B2. 

. Is it legal in the UK? 

Although B. Caapi is 50% of the brew which makes up Ayahuasca (which is a hallucinogenic brew made from two plants mixed together), it does not include the other illegal plant (Psychotria Viridis) which is banned due to its psychoactive composition (DMT).  Because B. Caapi is classed as a non psychoactive substance, it is classed as legal in the UK as long as it's taken by itself. 

. What are the benefits of taking B. Caapi?

Health studies and reports have suggested that B. Caapi can promote wellbeing and  feelings of calm inner peace, improve levels of empathy, relieve anxiety and depression, and even improves motor symptoms and problems found in Parkinson’s disease.  Studies on rats have found that it also decreased inflammation and helped to promote stem cell repair and neurogenesis in the brain. Other people have reported sleeping better, improved awareness, focus and presence.  Feeling a greater sense of gratitude and connection to nature, appreciation for the beauty of life, and a better connection to the loving presence of spirit.  For many, B. Caapi also brings them more joy and energy, more zest for life. Some people experience vivid dreams full of meaningful symbolism too. Please note: as with many plant medicines,  this extract is not FDA approved for any medicinal, cosmetic, dietary, or supplemental use, nor to cure or prevent any diseases.

. How does it compare to an Ayahuasca ceremony?
While some people might enjoy the 6 hour visual blast off into the 12 dimensions that a DMT based Ayahuasca ceremony invokes, for many others that might not be their cup of tea! In fact, the idea of losing control like that might be terrifying for some. Instead, microdosing with B. Caapi offers the same healing realisations and mental health break throughs but gradually and without any of the visuals or physical purges. Some people feel a slight and very subtle energetic or mood
 shift about 15 minutes after taking the drops, but nothing significant enough to change the way they function normal day to day tasks.  Despite having very subtle effects physically, many people find the overall depth of emotional healing is just as significant compared to the big ceremonies they've sat through with DMT based Ayahuasca. In many ways, microdosing B.Caapi gives us an opportunity to truly invite the Spirit of Ayahuasca to walk gently alongside us on our healing journey for a prolonged period of time, instead of a quick, intense, 6 hour trip.  Thus, we give ourselves more time to slow the process down and to really listen and process what she has to teach us.

. How is it made and sourced? 

The plant extract you'll receive is 100% B.Caapi  and sourced from the Peruvian region of the Amazon rainforest by the safe keepers of the jungle, who monitor the harvest and make sure new vines are planted to maintain the plant species. The vine is harvested on the full moon then prayed over and blessed by the plant gatherers. The harvest is then sent to California where the drops are made from the vine with a distilled water extraction method and bottled as a plant extract liquid. Finally, they are sent to me here in Glastonbury. 

. How do I take the plant extract?

 The way we're working with the plant kingdom is forever changing and as the demand for healing with plant medicine increases, so should our approach to work mindfully with our plant allies. For this reason, I deeply advocate micro dosing instead of consuming large amounts. It's believed that the spirit behind each plant will work with us just as powerfully when invited into the body, even when consumed in extreme moderation. In many ways it feels like a more respectful (and sustainable) approach to working with such sacred plants . For this reason, the dose i'll be recommending for you is 3 drops per day (0.16ml) in the morning followed by a short meditation. To be taken under the tongue, 5 days a week (with a 2 day break) for 3 months. It's believed the mind takes 3 months to re-wire and form new brain pathways, beliefs and habits, which works perfectly in alignment with the course of micro-dosing this extract. 

. Is there anyone who shouldn't be taking B. Caapi?

Only adults over the age of 18 should be taking this extract. Always exercise caution and refer to available research regarding combinations with Banisteriopsis caapi by consulting your doctor before you use this plant extract.  Banisteriopsis caapi is a natural MAO inhibitor and should not be taken while taking any MAO or SSR inhibitors, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, sleeping medications, any supplements or herbs that contain MAOIs or SSRIs. Blood pressure medications should also be avoided when micro-dosing Banisteriopsis caapi since it can lower blood pressure. Additionally, please avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs and meat when working with this (or indeed any) sacred plant extract. This extract should not be taken by anyone breastfeeding or pregnant. Please consult your doctor before taking if you have allergies or if you or someone in your family has a diagnosis of a mental health / personality disorder. 


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