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Shamanic Healing 


I offer a Reiki healing session with shamanic drumming, singing bowls and channelled advice from ancestors and spirit guides. Plus either a 3 month supply of legal plant medicine for micro-dosing or a personalised Bach Flower Essence for your healing journey, all included for £80.


Please text me on 07986460011 to book your session. 

Ritual Card Deck

I've also created a Shamanic Spirit Animal Ritual Card deck, which can be a beautiful addition to your healing journey. The deck is designed to aid the modern day witch with their self empowering rituals. Each card comes with an emotion to reflect on, an affirmation to chant and a ritual to perform. Choose a card intuitively, or match your emotions to a card. Each ritual also has a corresponding astrology sign for each monthly luna phase, so can be used as a ritual prompt for each new and full moon .   


Click Here to Buy 

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