Witchcraft & Healing

The School of Witchcraft

Join The Coven ! 

Curious about witchcraft and feeling the call to step into your own magical power? I offer enchanting witchschool retreats in mystical mansions around the UK, to teach you everything I know!  Full of divine pampering and soul alchemy, this is the perfect route into initiation as a white witch and comes with a certificate in healing too.  

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Shamanic Reiki Healing 

Book in with me for a healing session 

Book in with me for a 1-1 Shamanic Reiki Healing in Glastonbury, where we can shift any ancestral / past life blockages or process current day emotions, assisting you to step back into your power. The session also includes sound healing, channelled advice from spirit and a card reading. Sessions are £55 and are between 60-90 minutes long. For an extra £10, I can also make you a personalised flower tincture to assist in the continuation of your healing process. 

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Plant Medicine

Personalised flower tinctures for healing 

To assist you in your healing process, I can make you a 50ml flower tincture personalised for your own emotional needs and spiritual growth. These are lovingly brewed under the moonlight with crystals, mixed with the spring water from the White Springs of Avalon and attuned with Reiki energy, light language codes and singing bowl frequencies. 

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Soul Alchemy Support Group

Every Week in Glastonbury

Soul Alchemy aims to heal the mind, body and spirit; combining ancient rituals and traditions with modern day group therapy. Through a process of sharing and holistic therapy, the individual is able to transform their shadow into light, feeling empowered and restored with a deeper sense of connection to others.

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Ritual Card Deck

28 Spirit Animals with Rituals to perform 

Designed to aid the modern day witch with their self empowering rituals. Each card comes with an emotion to reflect on, an affirmation to chant and a ritual to perform. Each Ritual also has a  corresponding astrology sign to match with  each monthly luna phase of the moon. 

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