Esoteric Healing


Soul Alchemy Healing Circle 
 Glastonbury, UK

 I host a monthly Soul Alchemy healing circle on the first Thursday of every month at The goddess House (for all genders).  With the intention to transmute our shadows into light, this features a talking stick sharing, a release ritual, shamanic drum journeying with sung light code transmissions and a guided meditation.
Tickets are £7. (12 Spaces only)

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Shamanic Reiki Healing 

Glastonbury, UK

 I offer one to one Shamanic Reiki Healing sessions to help with matters of mind, body or spirit- featuring a nice big mug of cacao ❤️ spiritual counselling, a card reading, sung light code transmissions with a shamanic drum journey, plus reiki healing with channelled advice from ancestors and spirit guides.
Sessions are 60- 90 minutes long & cost £55 (or £65 if you'd like to include a 10ml personalised flower tincture to compliment your healing journey. )

Text me on 07986460011 to book in with me 


Personalised Flower Tinctures

For healing mind, body & spirit

I can make you a 50ml flower tincture personalised for your own healing process. These are lovingly brewed beneath the moonlight with the spring water from the White Springs beneath Glastonbury Tor, Avalon, (believed to be the heart chakra of the world and entrance to the fairy kingdom) . Each bottle is then attuned with Reiki energy, light language codes and singing bowl frequencies.

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Spiritual Therapy

For those seeking their spiritual path

Spiritual therapy is like normal talking therapy but through the lens of spirituality. It will suit anyone looking to explore their spiritual path and find their souls calling, as part of their personal healing journey to find a greater meaning behind life. Each session is £55, 60-90 minutes long and will also include a card reading and a cup of cacao. :)

Text me on 07986460011 to book your session. 

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Ritual Card Deck

28 Spirit Animal Cards designed to aid the modern day witch with their self empowering rituals. Each card comes with an emotion to reflect on, an affirmation to chant and a ritual to perform. Choose a card intuitively, or match your emotions to a card. Each Ritual also has a  corresponding astrology sign to match with  each monthly luna phase of the moon.

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