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 I grew up in a little market town in the East Midlands, happily in awe of the magic buzzing beneath the tapestry of existence in the countryside surrounding me, making childhood potions from crushed herbs and flowers and sneaking home Esoteric books to read from the library. At 18, I grew restless with a curiosity about the world and quit college to save up, travel, and spend time learning from the hidden tribes and global communities I had read so much about. My travels expanded my understanding around magic and how ritual had manifested in different indigenous cultures beyond our Celtic origins. Soon after, I began my journey training to become a Reiki healer (and eventually teacher), with a personal earth mission to also contribute as much healing, light and joy to our planet as possible.

Once I returned from my travels, I launched into a decade of education and study. I completed a BA Hons in Creative Therapies (focusing my research on the healing power of Ritual in Psychotherapy) and gained membership with the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (MNCIP). I followed this with a PGCE qualification at Goldsmiths University as a Secondary School Art Teacher while also founding Londons Activist Art group, ‘The Peoples Tribe’ , to promote positive change in society with creativity (and of course…rebellion!). I've taken Creative Therapy all around the world; from an integration project I developed with a team of Indigenous Australians, to orchestrating a creative therapy convoy to the jungle in Calais, so I've really seen the power of ritual when it’s combined with creativity. This lead to 5 years working as part of an Intensive Intervention Team, helping families and children on the edge of foster care to move through trauma and mental health challenges. 

Finally, as I approached my thirties, I began to soften away from big projects and activism . Feeling the pull back to the countryside, I began to delve deep into my own shadow work and healing journey, which lead me to explore the healing potential of plant medicines and developed a love of tincture making. One summer, I left the city and challenged myself to set off at sunset for a lone overnight pilgrimage, where I walked 12 hours through the night, singing songs to the stars. I arrived at sunrise on the mystical lands of Glastonbury for the first time, where I began my training in Celtic Shamanism, (and which felt like the biggest home coming) .... and never left!   

I feel so humbled to be living such a gentle life here upon the sacred lands of Avalon, foraging from nature to make flower tinctures, writing poems and sculpting personalised wands and Druid staffs from the fallen branches of the ancient orchards. More than anything, I love to compassionately and playfully hold space for others walking the sacred path of initiation or shadow work - using ritual, ceremony and creativity to help alchemise and empower individuals to step into the best version of themselves. 

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I look forward to walking this beautiful journey with you!


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